Stang and Broom took my money; did not deliver order

Mount Laurel, New Jersey 2 comments

I placed an online order with a company called Stang and Broom in Phoenix AZ.The money was immediately debited from my bank account, but the order has not been delivered (over three weeks now).

I have called numerous times, and it goes direct to voicemail; I left explanatory messages with my phone number and order number. They have not returned my call, not even once. I also emailed them, and a week later got the response of, "I'll check into it," followed by nothing at all, no further answers. They have completely ignored subsequent emails.

I think if they were a real company, they would return phone calls and emails, even if only to explain why an order is delayed.

My experience is telling me they have stolen my money and are a fraudulent business.Their website also refers to the company as "Griffin and Phoenix" and the debit card statment listed them as "Herbs and Health."



***!So the same has happend to me then!

I ordered an eastern Dragon Athame for my boyfriend for Christmas and now I have waited for over 50 days, when they said that it should be delivered within 27 days or then something was wrong. I paid 25,90 dollars for nothing. And now I don`t have any gift for my guess the best way to find out if a business comapny is beeing serious or not is by searching for customer comments like "I just got it and it`s wonderful" and then they rate the product by stars. You know what?

I am gonna aware people not to buy stuff from there! I will warn everyone that I can, through facebook or the new blog I am going to set up.

..This sucks!:sigh



did you receive your items in the end.

I made an order to them, got the same outcome as you.

can you let me know? Thanks.

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